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10 Methods to Break in New Shoes—The Worst to the Best

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#10—Wearing Wet Socks


What you need:

  • Pair of wet socks
  • Shoes
  1. Wet a pair of socks and put them on.
  2. Put on the shoes and walk around until they start to give.

Benefits: easy, free (assuming you have things on hand).

Drawbacks: Well, it goes without saying that the first drawback is discomfort.  Not only are you wearing shoes that pinch your feet, but the feeling of wet socks against your skin while you are doing it is not something that I am willing to do for any length of time.  Additionally, this method seems to have a very low success rate.  The greatest drawback about this method is the fact that many shoe materials will be ruined if they become wet, such as suede and leather.

Bottom Line: There are plenty of other methods to try. This one doesn’t seem worth the discomfort or risk to the shoe.

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