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10 Methods to Break in New Shoes—The Worst to the Best

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#3–Shoe Stretchers

What you need:

  • Shoe stretcher
  • Shoes
  1. Expand the shoe stretcher slightly and insert into the shoe.
  2. Turn the knob enough to begin stretching the shoe in the area that you wish.
  3. Leave overnight. If you want the shoes stretched further, replace and leave for another night.


Benefits: Can be reused, performs double duty, extremely high success rate, very little risk to the shoe.  Even if you just want to widen your shoes this time, make sure to spend the little bit extra to purchase a shoe stretcher that stretches both length and width for future purchases.

Drawbacks: They don’t work well on vinyl material.  Without the use of a shoe stretch spray the stress could cause damage to some materials depending on the desired stretch.

Bottom Line: Perfect for expensive shoes but invest in the spray for optimal results.

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