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2nd Interview Tips | Weeding Out the Candidates


Once you have finished with the first interview process and have sifted through the numerous applicants, you can now pick the best applicants out of the bunch and ask them to meet with you for a second interview. Here are a few second interview tips to help you through the process.

Where to Hold the Second Interview Meeting

Depending on your company, you may just invite them into your office to meet with you a second time and possibly meet with other managers at the same time. Some bigger companies will offer a dinner meeting for the second interview, paid for by the company.

Choosing the Second Candidate

When deciding who you want to invite for a second interview you will want to pick the applicants that you feel are fully qualified to fill the position. The purpose of the second interview is to get a personal feel for the person. You want to find out more about his personality and decide if you think he will fit in with the other people he will be working with.

What to Review at the Second Interview

After assessing out the candidate’s general skills, the second interview will also give you an opportunity to dig a little bit deeper to find out what specific skills he may possess that will aid him in the job. At this time, you may also want to discuss salary, benefits and any expenses that the company will cover for him.

The candidate may also take some time to ask you questions pertaining to the position. It will give them a chance to get to know you as well as you getting to know them.

During the second interview you can do a structured or unstructured interview and may even issue a series of skills tests. You can talk to the candidate about things such as what will be expected to as part of the job, what the future may hold for the position, the company philosophy and any other important topics for the position. This is also the time to get a feel for the candidate’s fit and enthusiasm for the position.



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