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7 Essential Break Room Ideas


If your business has a break room for its employees, there are 7 essentials no employee break room should be without. Your break room should be a comfortable place for your employees to recharge and get ready for the second part of their shift.

1. All Required Government Postings

Depending on where your business is located, you are required to post various government notices of employee rights and employer obligations. You will need to display these notices in a place that your employees will be able to easily access. The break room is an excellent place to post these government notices.

2. A Refrigerator

You need to give your employees a place to store their food. Without a refrigerator in the break room, your employees who bring their own lunch will be forced to leave the food at room temperature until their meal break. This could cause the food to spoil, and your employee to get food poisoning. Keep your employees healthy by putting a refrigerator in the break room.

3. A Microwave

A microwave will also be appreciated by your employees. Even if the microwave you select is labeled “For Household Use Only”, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration states that so long as the break room unit is used as frequently as a household unit would be used, no regulation is being violated.

4. Furniture

Your employees need at least a chair and a table so that they have a place to eat their meals.

5. Motivational Posters That Reflect Your Company Values

Kenneth G. Brown, an associate professor at the University of Iowa’s College of Business states that motivational posters can be useful in the office place, but only if employees understand that the poster slogans are actually important to the business. In a meeting, you should explain why you are putting up the motivational posters. Then, once your employees understand why the posters’ messages are important, you can hang them in the break room.

6. Training Materials

Put training materials in the break room. Bored employees on break might reread the training materials, which will help them retain this important information.

7. Adequate Room

If your employees use the break room as a storm shelter, make sure the break room has enough space for all your employees. If the break room is the only storm shelter in your place of business, it should have room for your patrons as well.

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