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Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial

acrylic-nail-art-tutorialAcrylic nail art allows you to customize your nails according to your various outfits. With delicate paints, patterns, or accessories like crystal beads, your nails can be a perfect complement for your daily style.

Butterfly Nail Art

Paint your nail bed with a glimmering dark purple shade from base to tip. Then with a ultra-fine paint brush, draw a slightly slanted Y shape at the center of the nail. It is preferable to use a lighter nail polish, such as silver, to paint the butterfly. Using the Y shape as the foundation of the butterfly, draw two symmetrical wings and a pair of antenna. Afterwards, fill in the wings with a nail polish of your choosing. A bright shade of blue for the butterfly wings will make your nails look sharp and attractive.

Hibiscus Flower Nail Art

Hibiscus is grown everywhere in tropical areas like Hawaii. Dip your fine paint brush into the red nail polish. Draw a small tear-drop shape close to the top of your nail. Draw four more petals around the first one to create the form of the hibiscus flower. Wash the brush and take a bit of green paint to draw a little leaf next to the petals. Add two more leaves at the other side of the hibiscus flower. Finally, use white paint to draw the stamina and accents of the flower, and use an ultra-fine brush to draw a red line along the white stamina.

Purple Heaven Nail Art

This acrylic nail art is particularly suitable for special evenings. First, paint your nail beds with a pastel purple nail polish. Then, draw a simple lily shape with five petals at the base of your nail, using white nail paint. Draw a smaller flower next to the lily with a golden yellow polish. Paint the heart of the yellow flower green. Drill a small hole on the acrylic nail for the nail charmers. Finally, attach the metal nail charm of your choosing to the hole. Secure the gap to make sure that the nail charm is securely attached to the nail. This little accessory will add an extra sparkle to your nails.

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