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Applying Liquid Eyeliner


Yes, applying liquid eyeliner is difficult, but with a few tricks of the trade and a bit of practice you too can create flawlessly defined eyes with your liquid eyeliner.

Liquid Eyeliner Benefits

There are quite a few benefits of using liquid eyeliner over pencil eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is typically waterproof and lasts longer than pencil eyeliner, it can also deepen the look and fill in the eye lash line better.

Application Techniques

Apply your eyeshadow before adding the eyeliner. The eyeshadow helps to give the eyeliner more staying power so that it will last throughout the day. Be sure to keep make up remover and Q-tipsĀ® close by in case of an accident.

Shake the tube before applying the eyeliner, if you need to steady your hand just rest your elbow on a hard surface for leverage. If it is your first time using liquid eyeliner and you are worried about drawing a straight line you can use your pencil eyeliner to place dotted lines along your eyelash line and then follow the dotted line with the liquid to help you stay on track.

Start at the center of your upper lid and draw a line along the natural contour of your eyelash line. For a thicker line around your eyes slowly add to it until you get the desired thickness. Most do not like the look of liquid eyeliner on the bottom lash line as this can create the appearance of squinty eyes rather than highlighting them. Eyeliner pencil is more subtle.

Professional Secrets

Let the eyeliner set. Liquid eyeliner does not dry immediately so be sure to wait a few extra seconds before blinking or applying mascara or other make up.

Build upon the foundation. Always apply eyeliner with a light touch. For a flawless look build upon the thickness by allowing the first pass to set before building the next pass to thicken the line.

It’s bold so choose the color carefully. As with any make up, make sure that the color you are using complements the rest of your eye make up and your facial make up.

Applying liquid eyeliner is a technique that can’t be rushed. Applying liquid eyeliner takes a lot of practice, patience and experimentation. Take your time with applying it, practice at home until you perfect a straight line, and experiment with different looks until you find the perfect technique for you.



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