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Are Chigger Bites Contagious?

Are Chigger Bites Contagious?

Answer: Chigger bites are NOT contagious.

Chigger bites are NOT contagious.

More Info: Similar to a mosquito bite, the severe itching caused by a chigger bite is yours and yours alone.

How Chiggers Bite

Chiggers don’t actually bite in the literal sense of the word.  Chiggers settle onto the host’s skin and insert their needle-like mouthpart into a hair follicle.  They then inject a digestive enzyme through their saliva that dissolves skin cells.  The liquefied skin cells become their meal.  This digestive fluid causes the surrounding skin to harden forming a stylostome through which the chigger sucks up more liquefied skin cells.  These digestive fluids cause the red welt and severe itching.

Once full, the chigger drops from the host, buries itself, and moves on to its next stage of development.



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