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Are Cover Letters Necessary for Online Applications?



Cover letters are necessary for online applications in many instances.

Applying for a job vacancy online has become the most prevalent manner for candidates to connect with potential employers. Before sending off a resume without a second thought, it is important to understand the changing dynamics of the traditional cover letter. While it may not be possible to craft a long letter that outlines your motivations and personal capabilities, in most instances, it is still advisable to create a cover letter of sorts. This will provide a would-be employer with a clear snapshot of what you would bring to the table in the concerned position.

Creating Digital Cover Letters

Job applications on the Internet generally take one of two forms. Some companies have dedicated application systems attached to their websites. These systems often provide prompts that ask for documents related to the application, such as the cover letter and resume. Attaching a traditional cover letter is appropriate in these instances.

When applying to a position solely by email, it may be advisable to instead draft a shorter version of a traditional cover letter. Writing one or two strong paragraphs regarding your desire to work for a particular company should do the trick. The formalities of a complete cover letter can often be dropped in these cases.

Writing a cover letter for a physical application or digital submission is similar in that both texts should outline your past experience, personal skills and attributes, and motivation for the position in question. This information gives employers an easy way to match the available job to the right candidate. Although a digital letter may be slightly abridged, it should still be included to increase your chances of landing a dream position.



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