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Are Daffodils Poisonous?

Are Daffodils Poisonous?


Daffodils ARE poisonous.

Daffodils are poisonous in that they can cause illness when ingested, but rarely do they cause fatalities.

Poisonous Parts of the Daffodil

Daffodils contain phenanthridine alkaloids and calcium oxalate crystals that are found throughout the plant including the leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and sap. These are poisonous if ingested. The highest concentration of these poisonous alkaloids is found in the bulbs.

Symptoms of Daffodil Poison

Daffodils can cause contact dermatitis as well as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness. If enough is ingested, it can be fatal. For example, according to the Nova Scotia Museum, starving cattle that were fed daffodil bulbs during World War II were fatally poisoned.


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