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Are Eagles Carnivores?



 Eagles ARE carnivores.

More Info: With the exception of the African vulturine fish-eagle, which feeds primarily on palm fruits, most species of eagles are carnivores.

Migration Patterns

Eagles have a complex migration pattern that depends on the food available in the area, age and breeding location. Most eagles begin to migrate from the fall when the weather is cold enough for water sources such as rivers and lakes to freeze.


While eagles eat a great deal of fish such as catfish, shad and herring they have a fairly wide range of preferred food sources. Eagles are carnivores by nature and enjoy rabbit, muskrats and other small mammals. These birds will also eat reptiles and amphibians, as well. Eagles prefer to hunt and take their prey live and often eat large amounts of food that can take several days to digest. While eagles have healthy appetites, they can fast for periods as long as two or three weeks.


Eagles are strong fliers that use their talons to capture food. These birds may also steal food from other birds. Eagles must often defend their territory from other predators such as ravens, vultures and coyote.



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