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Are Hawks Carnivores?



Hawks ARE carnivores.

More Info: While many birds eat seeds, hawks are carnivores that thrive on birds and small rodents. These powerful birds are found in most areas of the United States and migrate short-to-medium distances.


Since they are stealthy hunters, hawks have been seen flying swiftly through vegetation and brush to capture their prey. Many hawks suffer fractures of the chest, which occurs during hunting in deep cover.


Some species of hawks such as Cooper’s Hawks feed primarily on birds. Mourning doves, quail, chickens and grouse are just a few of this carnivore’s favorite foods. Hawks have been known to forage through nests to feed on baby squirrels and birds. Bats, rabbits and mice are also favorite food sources. Some species of hawks kill their prey by squeezing it with their feet. These birds can also drown their prey in nearby lakes or ponds.


Hawks often dwell in forests and wooded areas but can also be found in suburban areas, especially if easy sources of food are available. These birds may hang around bird feeders to catch small birds when they come to feed. Hawks build their nests in a variety of trees such as oaks, pines and spruces.



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