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Are Skin Tags Dangerous?



Skin tags are not dangerous.

More Info: Skin tags are normal skin growths that appear as a result of skin friction and are almost always benign.

Who Is at Risk for Skin Tags?

Skin tags can appear on anyone at any time, but they are generally more prevalent in middle age, increasing as you grow older.  Because skin tags are believed to be caused by skin rubbing against skin, skin tags are a common complaint of overweight individuals and women with large breasts.  Because they often increase in pregnant women, hormones are believed to be a factor as well.

When to Worry?

Skin tags do not change or grow so if you are noticing anything different about your skin tag, it may not be a skin tag at all.  A doctor should always make that determination.

Should I Have It Removed?

Skin tags are generally benign and cause little notice or discomfort.  Under certain conditions, such as having a skin tag in an area that is constantly rubbed by clothing, a skin tag can become irritated and inflamed.  In such cases, your doctor may recommend removal for your comfort.  Skin tag removal is a simple procedure usually performed right in the doctor’s office under local anesthetic and is similar to wart removal.



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