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Are Tomatoes Good for Acne?


Although there are a number of tomato-based products on the market, the results really depend on the complexion and other physiological characteristics of an individual user.

The key ingredients in tomatoes that can impact acne are the antioxidant lycopene and fruit acids.(1) Salicylic acid helps skin cells shed in a proper, regular fashion, while also controlling the amount of the skin’s ebum and oil production.

Sample Groups

Although Internet website customer reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt, they are also invaluable when it comes to newer vanguard products like tomato acne treatments.(2) They basically stand in as the equivalent of a small sample group, relaying their findings through a central reporting mechanism.

In one case of example, out of eight customer reviews, seven were positive or very positive. Only one user of the tomato acne treatment found the product too strong and warned against users with sensitive skin relying on it. The rest of the users raved about the tomato compound’s immediate effect on their acne outbreaks.

San Francisco Made

Another review of this leading tomato acne product came from the manufacturing company’s home home base of San Francisco.(3) Along with the ease of use and paraben-free ingredients, what most impressed the product reviewer was the immediate results.

After just one nighttime application of the tomato product, noticeable improvements were visible, without the flakiness and redness that comes with many other acne treatment products. It’s not strictly tomatoes in the tube either. There is also tea tree oil, witch hazel, ginger root, and bisalobol.(4) Because of the various organic ingredients, tomato derived acne products start to thicken when stored at a temperature higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also be kept in a fridge.

However, it bears repeating that acne treatment results vary wildly from one group of individuals to the next, which is why there is often no definitely yea-or-nay pronouncement. Trial and error really is in many cases the only way to determine if a product strain such as tomatoes will work for you.(5)


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