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Are Wrinkles Genetic?



Wrinkles can be genetic.


More Info: In a certain sense, yes, because skin composition, a genetically dictated factor, is the major canvas upon which wrinkles are writ. However, the major cause of wrinkling is too much exposure to the sun. This means that a person with less of an inherited predisposition to wrinkling can still run into problems if they are a sun worshiper or careless lover of the great outdoors.

Other factors that contribute to wrinkles include smoking, poor nutrition and an overly frequent reliance on certain facial expressions. Women tend to develop wrinkles around their mouths more so than men do, but beyond that, older citizens of every stripe are subject to facial wrinkling.

HAS2 Animal Gene

A recent scientific analysis of shar-pei dogs isolated the gene that is responsible for their trademark wrinkled faces.(4) But researchers speculate that human hands were ultimately responsible for the spread of the HAS2-derived rumpling.

The study surmised that at some point, a puppy with mutated genetic make-up was born and embraced by human breeders, who liked the look and likely went forward with selective, targeted breeding of that pup. So wrinkles of a genetic variety have surfaced most prominently not among women and men, but rather within the ranks of their so-called “best friend.”


There are many different techniques used today to combat wrinkling. Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion rely on rapidly rotating brushes to plane down the skin. More sophisticated laser and radio wave treatments accomplish the same sort of wrinkle smoothing and removal, but without the time-consuming and more painful transom of harsh skin contact.

In Hollywood, actors who proudly grow old without nips and tucks are in the minority. But performers such as Kate Winlet are vocal in their belief that plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are a form of cheating against the genetic hand that has been dealt. On that above-mentioned, handed down canvas, what gets engraved as life is lived should be proudly borne as a sign of a life lived, people like Winslet argue.



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