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Are Wrinkles Permanent?



Wrinkles ARE permanent without treatment.

More Info: Thanks to the sophistication of today’s cosmetic surgery techniques, the permanency of wrinkles is less and less of a fact of life. Provided, of course, a person can afford to pay for these treatments, some of which require a constant replenishment.


The most dramatic change in the treatment of wrinkles in the last few decades is the emergence of Botox® injections. Wrinkles can be made to disappear with a quick local topical injection. Celebrities get injections before awards shows, aging actresses suddenly appear in public with a wrinkle-free face, and so on.

Once upon a time, Botox® was prescribed for serious conditions such as eye muscle problems. But today, it is a treatment of convenience, and the number one reason why wrinkles are no longer permanent. The catch of course is that as soon as a person stops getting regular Botox® injections, the wrinkles can come back.

Other Treatments

Beyond Botox®, there are all sorts of ways the permanent nature of wrinkles is being cheated in the 21st century: dermabrasion, micro-dermabrasion, laser surgery, and so on. There are also chemical peels. An acid mixture is applied to wrinkled skin areas, burning off the outer layer of skin. This brings a new layer of skin to the surface and, after redness dissipates within a few weeks, the permanent wrinkles of the previous skin layer are gone.

Botox® has also become entrenched as sort of a lower-level, cheaper version of an older generation staple: the face-lift. However, many people still choose to get rid of permanent wrinkles with the most dramatic of surgical procedures. Excess skin is removed from the lower face and neck, tightening the underlying muscle and connective tissues. A face-lift usually lasts five to ten years, so even it, replacing the permanency of wrinkles, is not permanent. Still, people are putting forth the aggregate amount of billions of dollars per year to try everything they can to prevent the inevitable process of aging.



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