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Aromatherapy for Fertility

Aromatherapy for Fertility


Is aromatherapy for fertility a viable alternative to more aggressive fertility treatments?  Take a look at what some women are doing in attempts to increase fertility.

Stress Associated with Fertility

Research has shown that couples who are under large amounts of stress have a lesser likelihood of getting pregnant than those couples who are not stressed. Stress is believed to be a factor in some infertility cases because hormones like epinephrine and cortisol remain high during stress.

Experts at the University of California reported that stress can also play a role in fertility treatments. There have been cases where stress is so great that it can inhibit the procedures from working properly. Women with higher stress levels may even produce 20% few eggs than those under less stress.

The reduction of stress can also enhance the endometrial proteins that are involved in the implantation process, and increase blood flow to the uterus.

Aromatherapy and Stress

It is believed that using aromatherapy can aid in stress relief and stimulate muscle relaxation by influencing the limbic system in the brain, which controls our perception of stress and levels of cortisol.  Specific essential oils have been shown to contain a compound that binds to estrogen receptors, which can possibly regulate the female reproductive system and the menstrual cycle. Some oils that have these properties include: sage, lemongrass, melissa, aniseed, and fennel.  Lavender, sandalwood, roman, rose and patchouli are just a few essential oils that may have a calming effect on the body.

Although aromatherapy and the use of essential oils may not be the cure for infertility, they may be able to help by alleviating some of the stress and tension that goes along with the struggle of trying to get pregnant. Reducing stress can result in higher fertility.



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