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What Tests Confirm Asthma?

Answer: Tests that confirm asthma are family medical history, physical exam, and lung function tests.   Lung Function Test: Your doctor can test your lung function through [Read More...]

What Is Bronchial Asthma?

  The health media have devoted significant attention to bronchial asthma in recent years as epidemiologists have noted an increase in the number of clinically diagnosed [Read More...]

Is Exercise Good for Asthma

  Believe it or not, some people experience the respiratory ailment of asthma only when they do in fact exercise.(1) This strain is known as, simply, exercise-induced [Read More...]

Is Asthma Worse at Night?

ANSWER: Asthma IS worse at night. More Info: The coughing and wheezing associated with asthma is often worse at night.  Wheezing is also worsened by exercise, heartburn, [Read More...]

Is Asthma Hereditary?

Answer: There is a great likelihood that asthma is hereditary.   There is a greater likelihood of asthma occurring if a person has a parent who suffers from the [Read More...]

Is Asthma Contagious?

Answer: Asthma is not contagious. More Info: Asthma is a disorder of the airways where triggers will inflame the muscles of the airways and air passages.  It is not a [Read More...]
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