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Articles by Michael Wall

Can Bats Hear?

ANSWER: Bats can hear exceptionally well. More Info: Bats not only hear well, they are the most sensitive of all mammals when it comes to distinguishing high frequencies. How [Read More...]

Can Alligators Climb Trees?

ANSWER: Alligators can climb trees. Though people who live in alligator inhabited areas have reported witnessing alligators climbing trees, there was little scientific [Read More...]

How Do Owls Fly Silently?

Bird Adaptations for Flight The body of the bird is specifically designed for flight.  In order for the bird to gain lift and maintain flight, it must be lightweight.  This [Read More...]

Can Owls See in the Dark?

ANSWER: Owls can see in the dark, but not in absolute darkness void of any light. More info:  Not only can owls see in the dark, according to the University of Illinois’ [Read More...]

Can Owls Fly?

ANSWER: Owls can fly and in fact are unique from other birds because they are silent fliers. Body Adaptations Needed for Flight Whether considering the great grey owl with an [Read More...]

Burrowing Owl Facts

Classification How Are Barred Owls Classified? Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Aves Order: Strigiformes Family: Strigidae Genus: Athene Species: Athene [Read More...]

Are Owls Birds?

ANSWER: Owls are birds belonging to the class Aves and the order Strigiformes. What Is a Bird? In biology, all living things are classified on a rank-based system of [Read More...]

Do Bats Have Feathers?

ANSWER: Bats do not have feathers. Bats are mammals and like all mammals have some amount of hair.  Some bat species all have spots of fur on their bodies.  Only birds have [Read More...]
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