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Available Reminder Apps for PDAs


PDAs are designed to function as personal assistants and have the ability to remind owners of important information. Numerous PDA reminder applications are available, both online and off-line. However, the sheer number of applications available makes it a daunting task to choose a PDA reminder application.

Factors to Consider

The choices available to the PDA owners depend on several factors. First, the PDA’s operating system must be considered. The reminder application’s platform must be compatible with the PDA’s operating system. Secondly, the PDA’s processing capabilities must be considered. The model’s features also need to be considered. Price will be another factor, as will be personal life style and preferences.

Choices Available

Among the wide range of PDA reminder applications are those that make a sound, such as a beep, ring, or play music to alert the individual. Others may send a text message or email, or a pop-up window (sticky note). The reminder may be made in the form of a doodle, picture, or to-do list, or calendar.

Applications may vary according to what information it is dispensing. For instance, there are programs that will send an alert when it is time for the person to take medications. Another program may remind the individual of an appointment or date. Yet another program may be designed to remind a person of what tasks need to be done. Some PDA reminder programs have been created for specific jobs and industries, such as for a nurse. There are some for realtors and car sales people as well.

Where to Purchase

PDA applications may be found online and off-line. Most stores that sell PDAs also sell software and other accessories for that particular model and brand. The individual will need to decide what price he or she is willing to pay for the software. Numerous Web sites, such as CNET ( and Free Download Manager ( allow people to download PDA applications for free. However, a person must use sound judgment when deciding whether to trust any free downloads they utilize for upgrading a PDA. While most Web sites offer good service and products, not all sites do.

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