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Can Bats Hear?

ANSWER: Bats can hear exceptionally well. More Info: Bats not only hear well, they are the most sensitive of all mammals when it comes to distinguishing high frequencies. How [Read More...]

What Do Bats Eat?

ANSWER: Different bat species have different feeding habits but the majority of bat species feed on insects, beetles, and gnats. Insectivores Nearly 60-70% of all bat species [Read More...]

Types of Bats

Nearly one-fifth of the Earth’s known living mammal species is made up of 925 different types of bats. Only rodents encompass more individually listed species in the [Read More...]

How Do Bats Fly?

Along with such well-known components as wings, low-density bones and a highly attuned sense of echolocation, scientists recently uncovered a surprising and heretofore [Read More...]

Do Bats Have Feathers?

ANSWER: Bats do not have feathers. Bats are mammals and like all mammals have some amount of hair.  Some bat species all have spots of fur on their bodies.  Only birds have [Read More...]

Do Bats Have Ears?

ANSWER: Bats DO have ears. Like all mammals, bats do have ears.   In fact, bats have the most sensitive hearing at high frequencies of all mammals.  Bats use their ears in [Read More...]

Do Bats Eat Spiders?

ANSWER: Some bats do eat spiders. Depending on the species, bats have a varied diet.  Some bats eat only insects, while others feed on fruit nectar.  There are other [Read More...]

Do Bats Eat Mice?

ANSWER: Some bats do eat mice. More Info: Though some carnivorous bat species do eat mice, carnivorous bats comprise less than one percent of bat species. Sixty to seventy [Read More...]

Do All Bats Have Rabies?

ANSWER: All bats do NOT have rabies. It is a myth that all bats have rabies.  Though bats can contract rabies, they are no more susceptible to the disease than any other [Read More...]
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