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Benefits of a Chemical Peel


A chemical peel is a technique involving the use of a chemical solution, which causes the top layer of skin to blister and peel off. After the top layer of old skin is peeled off, what is left is a fresh new layer of skin, which is smoother and more blemish and wrinkle-free. While the procedure is sometimes painful for many who undergo it, most have reported the benefits to far outweigh the pain.

Give Your Skin a New Lease on Life

Chemical peels are usually applied to the face, neck and hands, and are good for the treating following:

  • – Fine lines and wrinkles
  • – Age spots or many other skin discolorations that could be caused from pregnancy, birth control pills (melasma), etc.
  • – Enlarged pores
  • – Mild sun damage
  • – Light freckling
  • – Mild scarring
  • – Certain types of acne
  • – Improves the look and texture of dull skin

There are several types of chemical peels from which to choose: Alpha Hydroxy acid peels are organic peels including glycolic acid. With this peel, the patient feels only mild stinging and burning, and it’s very popular among plastic surgeons today. Beta Hydroxy Peels are growing in popularity due to their ability to get in deeper and clear out unwanted oils and control acne more effectively. Other stronger chemical peel solutions include Trichloroacetic acid and Phenol peels, both of which are rarely used due to the increased risk of scarring and the need for protection from the sun, in some cases, for life.

Stronger chemical peels such as Phenol and TCA peels have long lasting benefits when applied correctly:

  • – Phenol peels correct blotches created through prolonged exposure to the sun
  • – Phenol smoothes deep wrinkles
  • – Phenol has been known to extract precancerous growths
  • – TCA peels are good for smoothing surface wrinkles, removing blemishes, and also correcting problems with skin pigmentation



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