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Best Eyebrows for Face Shape


The wrong eyebrow shape for your face has the potential to accentuate your flaws. Discover how to determine your face shape, which eyebrow shape complements your unique face shape and how to polish your look.

How to Determine Face Shape

There are several easy methods to determine your face shape. The first step is pulling your hair away from your face to get an overall view of your feature proportions.
Oval Face: If you have an oval face, your forehead will be wider than your chin area with larger cheek bones.

Round Face: A round face will be proportionate in both width and length with the widest part of your face being around the cheeks.

Square Face: Those with a square shaped face will have equal forehead and cheeks with your jawline being square shaped.

Long Face: If your jawline and cheek bones are an equal width, then you probably have a longer shaped face.

Best Eyebrow Shape for Face Shape

Oval Face: If your face is oval then you can choose just about any eyebrow shape that you prefer. Most every shape of eyebrow will complement your oval face just fine.

Round Face: For round faced women, the best shape to use is a high arched eyebrow with the center of the arch moving out towards the end of the brow tapering off to a thin and short end.

Square Face: Square faces will want to have the eyebrow arch directly above the jawline.

Long Face: For a long shaped face, you will want to use a flat arch for your eyebrows. This will add a bit of width to your face, which will decrease some of the lengthy long look.

Finding the best eyebrow shape to complement your facial shape is integral as the eyes and eyebrows are the most expressive characteristic of your face. Not only can the shape of your eyebrows set off your eyes, but the right shape can re-shape your face as well.



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