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Birthmark Shape and Location Meanings

Birthmark Shape Location and Meaning

Birthmarks, which are simply colored spots on skin, have long been suspected of having a meaning. Different cultures have different beliefs based on folklore and superstition.

Common Folklore

Folklore suggests that what a woman was experiencing during pregnancy is imprinted on the child in the form of a birthmark. For instance, many believe that gazing upon an unattractive individual during pregnancy would result in either an unattractive baby or a baby with an unattractive birth mark, often a port wine stain. Others believe a birthmark is the result of something a pregnant mother wanted and did not receive.

Birthmark Location Has Meaning to Some

Common birthmark locations intertwined with folklore:

Abdomen: A greedy and selfish person
Left breast: This person will enjoy success
Right breast: This person will enjoy fortune
Center of chest: This person will NOT enjoy fortune
Chin: This person will enjoy success
Left cheek: This person will have financial difficulties
Right cheek: Indicative of someone who will enjoy a happy marriage
Near mouth: This person will enjoy great wealth and happiness
Right side of forehead: This person has great mental power
Left side of forehead: This person likes to spend money
Center of forehead: This individual is attractive to the opposite sex and has many love affairs.

Birthmarks with Real Meanings

Birthmarks can have real meaning and can be indicative of serious medical conditions, particularly in they change in size, shape or color.

Congenital Nevus: This dark mole can indicate that individuals have a higher risk of skin cancer.
Port-Wine Stain: This pinky colored birthmark often grows darker, and could indicate Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome or Sturge-Weber syndrome, both of which require medical attention.
Strawberry birthmarks: When located near the eye, these can make it difficult to see and can be linked to glaucoma.



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