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Bursitis vs. Tendonitis

  Bursitis and tendonitis involve the inflammation or irritation of adjacent portions of the human body.(1) In the case of bursitis, it’s the small sacs or bursae, [Read More...]

What Is Prepatellar Bursitis?

ANSWER: Prepatellar bursitis is a swelling of the bursa directly in front of the kneecap. More Info: Prepatellar bursitis is a very common condition. Bursitis can develop at [Read More...]

How to Treat Knee Bursitis

You can treat knee bursitis through a method known as R.I.C.E, which is a four-step plan that stands for rest, ice, compress, and elevate. Rest: Rest your knee as it heals.  [Read More...]

How to Treat Elbow Bursitis

  You can treat elbow bursitis with ice, elevation, compression, and medication.  Relieving the pain requires immobilization and treatment. What Is Bursitis? A bursa is [Read More...]

How Long Does Bursitis Last?

ANSWER: Bursitis normally lasts one to two weeks if treated. Bursitis can affect any joint. If you have bursitis you can do a few simple things at home to help it go away. [Read More...]
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