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Business Letter of Recommendation


Knowing how to write a letter of recommendation from one business to another is essential for any employer. This is a very formal style of letter – the author not only represents themselves and their position, but their entire organization. Thus, a poorly written letter will affect the image of the entire business.

Letter Format

A letter of recommendation from a business may be somewhat longer than other formats – ideally, it should consist of 200-350 words. In terms of tone, avoid using first-person singular pronouns like “I” outside of the introductory paragraph. Remember, you are writing this letter from the perspective of the business itself, and thus most pronouns should be plural. As an example, instead of “I,” you should use “as a company, we…” and so on.

As with all letters of recommendation, emphasize the individual’s positive traits while remaining honest about their abilities.

Salutation and Introduction

(1-3 sentences)
The introduction is the only part of the letter where “I” should be used as a personal pronoun. Like all business letters, open with “To Whom It May Concern:” and start a new paragraph. The very first sentence should establish that the letter is a professional recommendation for the individual in question. Next, briefly introduce yourself, and state your position within the business. Mention how long the individual in question has worked for your business, but keep information about your personal relationship to a minimum.

Main Body Paragraph

(4-8 sentences)
From this point onward, use plural pronouns – remember, you are writing on behalf of the business, not just yourself. You may consider beginning by quantifying the individual’s role within the company. For example, you could state that “out of the 30 employees in John Doe’s department, we are confident in ranking him 3/30.” Be sure to establish the reasoning behind your ranking. Briefly illustrate the individual’s broad character traits, like leadership and confidence, and emphasize how those traits positively affected the company.

Secondary Body Paragraph

(4-6 sentences)
Use this paragraph to go into specific detail on a single instance where the individual’s actions benefitted the company as a whole. Examples would include a brief overview of a project they were in charge of, including statistical information if it is available. If the individual’s work cut production costs or increased profits, go into detail on that information.


(1-3 sentences)
Briefly repeat the individual’s strengths, and establish that as a company, you highly recommend them for a position in the organization they are applying to. Begin your signature with “Sincerely,” and include your name, title, and the name of your business.

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