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Can a Cashier’s Check Be Canceled?

Can a cashier's check be canceled?


A cashier’s check cannot be canceled.

More Info: Once you purchase a cashier’s check, you cannot cancel it.  You do have a few options to get your money back depending on the situation.

If you are still in possession of the cashier’s check and no longer need to use it, for example, the company you were about to hire goes out of business, you can return it to the financial institution where you purchased it and cash it yourself.  Check your institution’s regulations for the procedure.

If something has happened to the check such as it was misplaced or destroyed, you can file a claim with the issuing institution.  The claim will not be honored for at least ninety days following the issuance of the check.

How Do You Get a Refund on a Lost Cashier’s Check?

If you lose a cashier’s check, you must go to the issuing bank, stop payment on the cashier’s check and fill out proper documentation, which will prove to the bank that you actually did lose the check. The bank needs to protect itself against fraud and theft, so a lengthy period of time may have to elapse before your money is refunded. Lost cashier’s checks will be refunded, but the process may not be completed quickly.

How Long Is a Cashier’s Check Good For?

Cashier’s checks are usually good for at least one year. Each banking institution may have its own rules regarding the expiration of cashier’s checks. The expiration date of a particular check is usually imprinted on the face of the document. Always inquire about questions like this at the bank before purchasing a cashier’s check. Cashier’s checks can be replaced if lost or stolen, but again, different banks have different policies. Make sure to read and review all of the fine print.



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