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Can a Wart get Infected?



Warts are skin infections. Therefore, if you have warts, the infection already exists.

Viruses belonging to the human papillomavirus cluster cause warts. Depending on the specific viral strain, warts can emerge almost anywhere on the body, including your skin, feet or genitals.  Warts are not age-discriminate and can affect anyone, regardless of age.

Is There a Treatment?

As the nature of warts is viral, there is no direct cure for this type of infection. Anti-viral medications and treatments help curb the affects and symptoms, but do not eradicate the virus. Warts have the capacity to disappear without medical treatment. However, your body’s ability to cure itself depends on the wart and the particular strain that causes the infection.

How Do You Get Warts?

Vulnerable skin surfaces are the most at-risk platforms for acquiring warts. Compromised and exposed skin facilitates these infections, making it easier for you to get warts. Infections are passed from through damp areas or direct contact from person to person. Warts are viral skin infections that can also be spread by shedding. Warts tend to cast tiny portions of infected skin during contagion. Due to shedding, you can also get warts if your skin is exposed to a surface containing active, infected shed skin cells, moist or dry.



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