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Can Alcohol Cause Wrinkles?



Alcohol can cause wrinkles.

More Info: Alcohol, which works to dehydrate the body, robs the skin of moisture and causes wrinkles to form.

How Does Alcohol Cause Wrinkles?

While alcohol will not cause wrinkles with only one drink, continued alcohol consumption will cause the dehydration necessary to cause wrinkles. When the skin is dry and dehydrated, it will wrinkle and crease much easier that fully hydrated, supple skin. Eventually the skin will lose its natural elasticity and become so dry, that these wrinkles will remain permanently. When excessive alcohol is consumed, not even the use of moisturizing lotions or satisfactory water consumption will fully keep the skin from becoming dehydrated. Unfortunately, the appearance of unwanted wrinkles is just one of the unsightly side effects of alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Thins the Skin

Not only will alcohol eventually cause wrinkles to form, but it will also work to thin the skin. Thin skin will easily show veins and other unattractive markings. The facial skin may even become so thin on certain areas, such as the nose, that it will cause the area to appear red or irritated. This is commonly known as a “drunks nose”, and is an unfortunate side effect of excessive alcohol consumption. When alcohol is consumed irresponsibly or in large amounts, it can wreck havoc on one’s body and appearance, and unfortunately, cause the skin to lose its natural luster and become dehydrated and prematurely wrinkled.


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