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Can Beer Cause Acne?



There is no scientific evidence linking the consumption of beer to an increased incidence of acne.


More Info: As far back as 1968, doctors have been warning acne sufferings against a diet that includes beer.(1) But then, as now, beer tends to get lumped in with a whole bunch of other food and drinks that contain wheat or whey. There is no scientific evidence linking the consumption of beer to an increased incidence of acne.

Brewer’s Yeast

If anything, there is more support for the idea that beer can help prevent acne.(2) Or at least the base ingredient, brewer’s yeast. A five-month study conducted by researchers at the University of Munich found that 80% of acne sufferers who used a brewer’s yeast-laced skin cream saw an improvement in their condition. Even when the researchers reduced the study to period to a much shorter length of three months, they found that a yeast-based cream was effective.

On the Internet, there is much anecdotal, testimonial evidence posted by men and women claiming that their acne worsened when drinking beer, and improved when they stopped.(3) But the problem with this sort of data is that the individuals in question are eating and drinking lots of other things at the same time, and each come with their own specific set of allergies, body characteristics, and so on. A change in such a person’s acne condition could be due to factors unrelated to their daily beer consumption.

UK Face Mask

In fact, the notion of beer helping reduce acne is so ingrained today that British sufferers were offered the opportunity to purchase a liquid-form Anti-Acne Yeast Masque. Anchored around the premise of brewer’s yeast being able to replicate its cells faster than normal cells, the product was retailed for about ten dollars.




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