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Can Crocodiles See?



Crocodiles can see.


The crocodile is the ancient predator of the world that has been around for thousands of years. Crocodiles are found across the globe in environments that present their own unique set of survival challenges. Because of its extreme durability and resilience, you may wonder what makes the crocodile successful at surviving and thriving in these environments. While the obvious strong jaws and claws of the crocodile may come to mind, the crocodile’s vision is its greatest asset.

Powerful Vision

While most members of the animal kingdom have the ability to see, very few can see very well. Most species rely on smell or hearing in order to survive. The crocodile has the ability of sight that ensures that predators and prey do not escape its view. Similar to that of humans, crocodiles have the unique ability to see in color. Very few creatures across the globe have the ability of color vision which may serve as evidence as to why the crocodile has been able to outlast other species for millenniums. The crocodile maintains this ability during the day, at night, and underwater. This allows the crocodile to establish a constant surveillance of its surroundings whenever and wherever it is necessary. This proves as a valuable asset to the great predator.


As expected, vision is a valuable aid to any species during hunting or defense. Since its strong eyes allow for visibility on land and in the water during day and night, the largely territorial crocodile is able to protect its waters from intruders while hunting for prey. The crocodile hunts for birds, snakes, fish, and other species of animals that linger too close to the water for too long. With its powerful vision, the crocodile sits in wait as a vigilant sentry until the perfect moment arises for the crocodile to give the killing blow. The strong eyes of the crocodile prove to be a stronger trap than any of its other assets; few organisms are able to escape the crocodile once it strikes.

Underwater Vision

While it is clear that the crocodile has strong vision above water with the absence of water, mud, and debris, you may wonder if the crocodile can maintain its constant surveillance when submerged; the answer to this question is yes. Although vision is not as clear as it is when compared to the favorable above-water visibility condition, the crocodile can see objects in the water clearly as well as the silhouettes of any objects directly above.


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