Can Exercise Help to Prevent Cellulite?

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Exercise CAN help prevent or delay the onset of cellulite. 

Because some of the causes of cellulite may be genetic, such as thickness of skin, body structure, and more, not everyone can successfully dodge the cellulite bullet. Some methods may reduce the fatty tissue deposits and could even significantly delay the condition's onset.


Part of the genetic imprint sequences that can cause cellulite relates to how each individual's muscles, skin condition, and connective tissue are structured. Exercise regimes that specifically target the areas of the body most commonly afflicted can help deter, delay, and reduce cellulite.

Particular areas commonly involved are the upper arms, torso, buttocks, and thighs. Any exercise routine that includes toning and strengthening those muscles, ligaments, and tendons will help defray cellulite's impact.

Exercise in general increases blood circulation that helps oxygenate the blood, which helps maintain the skin's natural elasticity and firmness, both of which reduce the risk or severity of cellulite. Exercise also improves cardiovascular efficiency and helps eliminate fat build-up around the heart, helping to reduce risk of heart conditions. Exercises intended to fight cellulite should be of low weight with increased repetitions instead of heavier weights and fewer repetitions. Sets--groupings of exercises followed by brief rest periods-should increase over time. If starting an exercise program to fight cellulite, always begin with low repetitions and few sets and increase the number of repetitions and sets before increasing weight.

Additional Proactive Steps

Beyond regular exercise, there are a few steps that can help reduce the risk of cellulite forming:

Drink lots of fluids: Not only does appropriate water intake help keep skin moisturized and in proper condition, it helps the body flush impurities, including extra fat. If extra fatty deposits aren't there, risk of cellulite falls. Do not include alcohol in a fluid ounces tally.

Avoid fad, crash, or on-off diet cycles: Maintaining consistent body weight incorporates a stable level of body fat and helps avoid excess accumulation, decreasing the risk of build-up and deposits forming.

Do not smoke: Smoking, among other things, strips the body of moisture and results in loose skin, which allows pockets in which the fat deposits to form.

Proper nutrition: Contributing to overall health and reducing stresses on the body incurred from inferior nutrient levels or imbalances and lowers the body's ability to function efficiently.


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