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Can Glasses Hurt Your Eyes?



Glasses can NOT hurt your eyes if you are an adult.  They may in children.

In adults, wearing glasses will not cause any permanent changes to the eye.  Glasses can neither permanently correct vision nor damage vision. Children with developing vision should not wear glasses that are not prescribed to correct an individual vision problem.

Wearing the Wrong Prescription

Glasses are shaped to correct specific eyesight problems.  Though wearing glasses that are not personally prescribed to correct a unique vision problem, will not damage your eyes, it can cause eyestrain and headaches.

Children under Eight Are at Risk

Vision in children generally develops in the brain by the age of eight.  Because of this, not wearing glasses when necessary, or wearing the wrong prescription habitually, could cause a condition known as amblyopia, more commonly known as ‘lazy eye’.  Amblyopia occurs in the central vision of one eye when the nerve pathway does not develop correctly.  Wearing the wrong prescription will present an out of focus image to the brain, which could cause it to ignore the images from that eye during the developmental stage.

Can You Grow Dependent on Glasses?

Since glasses do not cause any permanent changes to occur in the eye, you cannot grow physically dependent on them.  It may seem you are growing dependent on your glasses because you become accustomed to seeing more clearly.

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