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Can Greasy Foods Cause Acne?



Eating greasy foods does not cause acne.

More Info: Many foods, especially greasy ones, are often mistaken for causing acne. While a healthy diet is important to keeping your skin acne-free, consuming chocolate and other junk foods in moderation is fine; foods causing acne is just a myth. It is also untrue that certain foods can worsen pre-existing acne. Acne is actually caused when a follicle is blocked by bacteria, dead skin cells, oil, or other obstructions. This blockage can occur due to hormonal changes, bacteria buildup under the skin, overactive oil glands, and certain drugs and cosmetic products.

Tips for Clear Skin

In addition to eating a varied diet, there are other important steps that can be taken to keep your skin clear. Shampooing regularly, avoiding greasy makeup, creams, and other styling products, and removing all cosmetics before sleeping will also help your skin. Washing your skin regularly will remove dirt, oil, and bacteria that can block pores and cause acne.

People of all different ages suffer from acne, despite it often being thought of as a problem affecting teenagers. Treatment plans and medications will vary depending on the age of the individual and severity of the acne to be treated. While over the counter products are available, severe acne cases may need help from a dermatologist.


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