Can High Blood Pressure Cause Glaucoma?

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High blood pressure may be a risk factor for glaucoma.

More Info: There are several risk factors for glaucoma including intraocular pressure (IOP), age, race, family history, and medical conditions including diabetes, nearsightedness, migraines, sleep apnea, condition that require the use of steroids, previous surgery, and high blood pressure. [1]

Glaucoma High Blood Pressure Association

Patients with glaucoma due to IOP experience progressive optic neuropathy that will ultimately result in retinal ganglion cell death. [2]  Systemic blood pressure and IOP have been proven to be significantly correlated in studies. [3] The direct association between glaucoma and blood pressure is not yet fully understood but appears to be linked to the long-term interruption and decrease of blood flow to the eye. [4]

Exercise Good for High Blood Pressure and Glaucoma

If you haven't been sold on the health benefits of exercising yet, now you have another reason.  A 2009 study published in the Journal Glaucoma, showed promise that there may be a link between exercise and a lower baseline IOP.  Study participants who performed isometric and dynamic exercises were found to have a decrease in IOP following exercise. [2] 

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, research has shown that regular exercise may help to reduce eye pressure as well as having a positive impact on high blood pressure.  In fact, glaucoma patients that exercised regularly for three months reduced their intraocular pressure by 20%. [5]


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