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Can I Cash a Cashier’s Check with no ID?



Most reputable institutions will not allow you to cash a cashier’s check with no ID.

More Info: Even when taking your cashier’s check directly to the bank that issued it, you must prove that you are entitled to enforce the instrument.  The person allowed to enforce the instrument, cash and collect the funds from the cashier’s check, is the person to whom the check was issued.

This means that you must prove to the institution cashing the check that you are the individual to whom the check was intended.  This burden of proof is upon you, deciding what documents constitute proof of identification is up to the institution cashing the check.

Reasonable Identification

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) requires that the claimant of a cashier’s check provide reasonable identification if requested by the obligated bank.  The issuing bank does not need to honor a cashier’s check if there is a reasonable doubt whether the person demanding payment is the person entitled to enforce the instrument.

What ID Is Required to Cash a Check?

There is no standard ID required that banks are obligated to honor in terms of paying out on a check.  Each bank is at its own discretion as to what it will consider suitable identification.  Most banks find any government issued photo identification suitable, though some may require a second form of ID.  Government issued photo IDs include: state driver’s license, military ID, state issued identification card, and passports. Secondary forms of identification may include social security card, utility bills, or credit cards.



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