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Can I Shower after Waxing?



You should NOT shower after waxing.

Some salons discourage hot showers or hot baths after waxing because the pores are open and vulnerable to bacteria due to the extreme temperatures.

Additional After Care Tips

Follow these tips for the 24 hours following your waxing procedure to avoid skin irritation or problems.

Use sunblock on all areas that have been waxed as the area is more sensitive.

Avoid exercising for 24 hours after waxing, especially if you had the bikini area, back or chest waxed.

Do not use any products that contain alcohol or perfume and avoid deodorant if you had your underarm area waxed.

Wear lose fitting clothing over the areas that have been newly waxed to avoid chaffing the area.

Wait to exfoliate or add any product, such as cosmetics, to newly waxed areas.



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