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Can I Wash Chair Pads in the Washing Machine?


Answer: Most chair pads can be washed in your home washing machine. However, there are some chair pads that are dry-clean only. The best way to determine the proper washing methods that can be used for a specific chair pad is to look on the product tag for the recommendations from the manufacturer.

More Info: Many chair pad manufacturers suggest that if you are going to wash your chair pads in a washing machine, you should use a gentle detergent and turn your washing machine on a gentle cycle setting. A preferred setting would be permanent press or hand washing cycle, if available. Chair pads can become very heavy when they get wet, so washing machine and chair pad manufacturers suggest that you have a washing machine large enough to accommodate your chair pads. If your washing machine is a compact model or you have to push the chair pads down to fit, your washing machine is probably not big enough for this chore. Manufacturers also recommend that before placing your chair pads back on your chairs, you should make sure that they are completely dry. You can do this by hanging them in the sun until they are dry, or you can put them in your dryer on a low tumble dry setting until dry. Manufacturers say that placing a chair pad back on a chair that is not dry can cause damage to your chair and cause the inside padding of the chair pad to build up mold and mildew inside.

Some other suggestions for cleaning your chair pads that manufacturers recommend include using a mild detergent and wiping them down with a soft rag or washcloth. Blot the spots or stains until they are gone and the area is dry.


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