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Can Jupiter Support Life?

Can Jupiter support life?


Jupiter can not support life as we know it.

More Info: There are several factors that make life as we know it on Jupiter impossible.  Jupiter is a massive gas giant, which means that the atmospheric pressure reaches extremely high levels.  The compression from gravity also keeps the interior temperature too high to be compatible with life.  Any potential life floating on the surface away from intense heat and pressure would be bombarded with ionic radiation, and the convection of the turbulent atmosphere would make it very difficult to remain at the surface. [“Is There Life on Jupiter?” Universe Today]

Jupiter’s Icy Moon Europa Could Hide Life in Subsurface Ocean

Jupiter’s moon Europa is drawing the attention of scientists who believe that life could exist in the ocean beneath its icy surface, possibly utilizing geothermal energy from deep thermal vents.  Scientists are studying how deep below the ice organisms would need to live in order to escape the exposure to continuous radiation drawn in by Jupiter’s enormous magnetosphere.  [“Life as We Didn’t Know It” NASA Science]

Scientists Wish to Look for Signs of Life below Europa’s Surface

Researchers hope to search Europa for signs of life by sending a spacecraft that could drill or melt through the ice and look for biomarkers and organic molecules.  The search for life on Europa would face serious technical challenges including penetrating up to 10-30 kilometers of ice and resisting the corrosive sulfuric acid.  [“Is Europa Corrosive?” Astrobiology Magazine]



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