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Can Microdermabrasion Remove Stretch Marks?



Microdermabrasion CAN remove stretch marks.

More Info: The use of microdermabrasion for stretch marks may be the only effective treatment currently available according to a French dermatologist.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment or procedure for many skin conditions. It gained popularity for its ability to smoothen out age spots and fine lines[1] on the face despite it being a noninvasive procedure. Having large pores, uneven skin tone, scars, and rough skin are also some of the other reasons that individuals undergo microdermabrasion.

Stretch Marks

Another skin condition that microdermabrasion can treat is the presence of stretch marks. Stretch marks are scars that have the appearance of fine lines that result from the disruption of the normal collagen production of the skin because it is overstretched. The appearance of stretch marks is common in many individuals because of the rapid growth that is experienced during puberty as well as from the weight gain and loss experienced from pregnancy, giving birth, and weight loss regimens.

How Microdermabrasion Works

Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive procedure that utilizes a machine that contains fine crystals that look like powdered diamonds. These crystals are applied to the face or the body part concerned with the use of a wand that is attached to the microdermabrasion machine. The crystals have the effect of sanding the outer skin, so that a new layer of skin can be revealed.

Effectiveness on Stretch Marks

Although the effectiveness of microdermabrasion in improving skin tone and appearance is well known, its effects on the treatment of stretch marks are disputed.

As an example, reviews of microdermabrasion as a skin resurfacing procedure, such as the article published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology by MH Gold, make no mention of the treatment of stretch marks as one of the procedure’s capabilities.

However, in his book Microdermabrasion in Practice, the French dermatologist Dr. Francois Mahuzier stated, “microdermabrasion is the only effective treatment for stretch marks today”.  To be an effective treatment for stretch marks however, the procedure should be performed in no fewer than ten sessions at intervals at least one month apart.



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