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Can Milk Be Frozen?



Technically milk CAN be frozen, but will not maintain the same consistency when thawed.

More Info: The milk fat globules and protein particles are disrupted when frozen and will clump and congeal upon thawing altering the milk’s texture. Though it may not be the desired texture for drinking, it can still be used for cooking.

Freezing Milk

Milk expands when freezing so it is important that you factor this in when choosing a storage container. Transfer your milk to plastic freezer containers or any other freezer safe container being sure to leave extra space at the top. Plan to leave a ½-inch headspace for wide-mouth containers and a 1 ½-inch headspace for narrow mouth containers.

Frozen milk has a freezer life of one month and should be thawed in the refrigerator when ready to use. The milk will need be stirred well before use.

Freezing Other Dairy Products

Cheese can be frozen but the same principles apply. Once thawed cheese will not retain its original texture but will instead be crumbly. It is also best used for cooking. To freeze cheese wrap it in plastic wrap and then place it in a freezer bag. Cheese has a freezer life of four to six months.

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