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Can Ovulation Cause Bloating?


It is safe to say that most people have experienced the feeling of being bloated at some point in their lives. In fact, 10% of Americans say that they experience bloating regularly. For women, there can be certain times during their menstrual cycle where they become bloated, but what causes this? Is it ovulation? Well, the easy answer to this question would be yes. The details can be a little complicated, however. There can be various reasons why you feel and become bloated during ovulation, and it usually cannot be pinpointed to a single cause. The following are some of the things that can cause you to feel bloated during ovulation.

Hormonal Changes

During ovulation, the levels of different hormones in your body change. This is because an intricate interplay begins between your hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and ovaries that causes the release of your egg. These changes can cause water retention in your body, which ultimately lead to a feeling of bloating. There is really nothing you can do about this, as it is part of your natural cycle.


When women ovulate, they usually start craving certain foods that facilitate water retention. Potato chips, popcorn and other salty foods that you might crave have lots of salt in them, and this salt retains water instead of letting it go through your kidneys to be excreted. Combined with your hormonal changes, the effect of your bloating is magnified and you feel much worse. Pay attention to your cravings and stay away from salty foods in order to minimize your bloating.


Your feeling of being bloated can also come from an accumulation of gas in your abdomen. This again has to do with the types of food that you are eating or from a slowing of your metabolism. When you digest food more slowly, the natural flora in your gastrointestinal tract begins to break it down. These microorganisms emit methane and other gases as byproducts, which build up in your intestines. This gas can easily cause you to feel cramped and bloated.

Other Issues

It could be that you have other issues that are causing you to be bloated and ovulation is worsening these symptoms. For example, eating rich fatty foods makes you feel bloated because fat and protein take longer to break down in your body. Also, swallowing air when you feel nervous can cause bloating without you having to eat anything. If you have any of these habits, they will compound the feeling of bloating that you have when you are ovulating and retaining water.



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