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Can Pavers Be Installed Over Concrete?



Pavers CAN be installed over concrete.

More Info: As long as the concrete slab is in good condition and has a perfectly flat surface, brick pavers can be installed over concrete.

Is My Concrete Structurally Sound?

You can use your concrete slab as a foundation for your brick pavers as long as you are certain that it is structurally sound.  The minor crack in today’s concrete walkway can expand into tomorrow’s ruined brick paver walkway.  First, inspect the concrete and repair any minor imperfections such as minor cracks, holes, and imperfections.  If the concrete is not level, you can resurface to make it so for the brick pavers.

What If My Concrete is not Structurally Sound?

You should not use your concrete slab as a foundation for a construction project such as pavers if it contains widespread deep cracks, if any settling has occurred, sunken concrete, or frost heaves.  In these cases, the time and money investment of the new construction project, such as installing new pavers over the concrete, may quickly be lost.  If the concrete is not structurally sound, it is best to remove it.  It is also a good idea to call in a professional prior to investing in a new project in the same spot.  You may discover that you have a subsoil or similar problem.



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