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Can Reflexology Help with Fertility?

Can Reflexology Help with Fertility?


Reflexology does NOT help with fertility.

More Info: Reflexology is an alternative medicine practice that claims to be able to influence either overall health or specific aspects of health through the manipulation of joints, muscle tissues, and pressure points in the feet and hands. While there are claims existing that reflexology will help with fertility, pregnancy pains, child birthing, and many other facets of health, none of these claims have conclusive scientific evidence to support them.

A Contradictory Practice

There are no regulatory bodies surrounding reflexology, and there is no clinical evidence supporting any reflexology claims. Furthermore, there is no consensus among reflexologists about what practices reflexology encompasses. The industry has a large number of internally contradictory claims, no evidence to support its practice, and no safeguards for a consumer population.

Most reflexologists discuss the health topics they address in terms of life energy or qi, a poorly and inconsistently defined topic with no relation to any commonly accepted medical practice. Massaging the feet and hands may feel good, and could have benefits for relaxing muscle tension in either area, but there is no scientific evidence to support its efficacy for addressing any other health issue, including fertility.

Seek Medical Advice from Professionals

If you are looking for help with fertility, consult a fertility specialist, an obstetrician, or your family doctor, who can refer you to an appropriate health specialist. Reflexologists are unregulated, are often contradicted by medical evidence, and can be inconsistent between practitioners. For your safety, fertility advice should be sought from your doctor.


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