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Can Silk Get Wet?



Silk CAN get wet.

More Info: It is okay if silk fabrics get wet.  In fact, the recommended laundering method for silk is hand washing in a bucket of lukewarm water.

What Happens if Silk Gets Wet?

If a few spots on a silk garment get wet due to rain or other splashes of water, this should not be a problem.  Silk is a fabric that dries very quickly.  Little, if any, discoloration or shrinkage should occur.  If you choose to hand wash an item made of silk fabric, there are a couple of side effects that may occur.  The first is softening.  Some silks tend to soften when wet, so if you prefer a very crisp look for your silk garment, you may choose to utilize a dry cleaner in order to avoid the softening that may occur when silk gets wet.  The second side effect is that silk fabric may shrink slightly when wet.

Two types of silk fabric tend to shrink most when wet.  Silks that have not been pre-washed or pre-shrunk before manufacturing and silks that have a looser weave, typically lighter weight silks.  Silks that have a tighter weave should shrink much less, if at all, when they get wet.



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