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Can Vitamin C Cause Constipation?



Vitamin C does NOT cause constipation.

More Information: Not only does vitamin C not cause constipation, the side effects of too much vitamin C have the exact opposite effect.  For example, vitamin C supplements are known to have a diuretic effect helping the body eliminate excess fluids.  At high doses, vitamin C supplements can cause diarrhea. [3]

Does Vitamin C Treat Constipation?

Though it may not cause constipation, the National Library of Medicine warns that there is not enough evidence to support using vitamin C supplementation as a treatment for constipation. [1]

Study Reveals Constipated Children Have Lower Vitamin C Intake

Emerging studies are indicating that there is a link between vitamin C and constipation.

A 2008 study published in The Journal of Paedetrics and Child Health, evaluated the diets of 368 children in relation to their constipation and discovered that besides being deficient in fiber, which was expected, those suffering from constipation were also deficient in vitamin C, folate, and magnesium. [2]



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