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Can Water Be Magnetized?



Water CAN be magnetized.

More Info: Since it is the main transport system and solvent in your body, water is necessary for life. It carries fuel and nutrients into your cells and carries waste out. Your nervous system also uses water to transport electric charges, and your blood flows because of it.

Differences in Water Molecule Groups

This does not imply that all water is the same, because water molecules combine to form what are called “water molecule groups”. With a smaller grouping, water is more bio-available, meaning that it can function more beneficially. With a larger grouping, water becomes more inefficient in performing its important tasks. Tension is the factor that forms water molecules together in clusters, and magnetizing breaks down the surface tension of your drinking water, and it then becomes wetter and more useful to each cell in your body.

How Water Can Be Re-magnetized?

Water can be re-magnetized by conducting the water through pipes with electromagnets or permanent magnets attached, or by leaving a magnet under water overnight. The magnets should be placed close to the outlet, and created to match the flow rate of the water. With overnight magnetization, make certain that only mixed positive and negative water, or negatively polarized water, is used. Since it is even softer than tap water, magnetized water will also cause you to use less soap and detergent, helping you to cut down on expenses.

Health Benefits of Magnetized Water

When drinking water is magnetized, your blood flow improves, and this helps in preventing the blood in the circulatory system from clotting, which can result in a stroke or heart attack. Magnetized water also makes calcium more soluble and inhibits its crystallization, which allows the calcium to become looser, smaller, and easily dissolved. Because of this, it is also beneficial in the prevention and treatment of gallstones and kidney stones.


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Expert Opinion

Quote:  “The utter lack of published test data is revealing. According to the vendors, magnetic fuel treatment has been around for at least fifty years. If it actually worked as claimed, it seems likely that it would by now be commonplace. It is not.”

Source:  Mark R. Powell, PE,

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Volume 22.1 Jan/Feb 1998

Quote:   “In the end, the truth probably lies somewhere in between – magnetized water is not a magic panacea or cure-all.  It is also not a total quackery and most likely will turn out to be a health-enhancing medium.”

Source:   Michael Lam, MD, MPH

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