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Can You Cash a Money Order at a Bank?



You CAN cash a money order at a bank.

Money orders are commonly used to guarantee payment on high value items. While a stop payment on some types of money orders can be placed, a money order will not be returned for insufficient funds. This gives the recipient of the money order a greater sense of security when selling items of value or receiving funds for another purpose.

Can I Cash a Money Order at My Bank?

One of the easiest and most affordable places to cash a money order is through the bank with which you hold a checking or savings account. With most types of checking or savings accounts, the service of cashing a money order or depositing a money order into your account is a complimentary service. Other venues, such as a grocery store or check cashing store typically will charge you a handling or processing fee for this service. Cashing a money order or depositing it into your account is done in a manner similar to cashing or depositing a personal check. You will need to provide personal identification as well as proof that you are an account holder at the bank. The bank will verify that the money order is valid, and in many cases, the funds can be provided to you immediately.

Can I Cash a Money Order without a Bank Account?

If you do not have a checking or savings account, you can still cash a money order by visiting other venues. The most popular venues to cash a money order at other than a bank are grocery stores and check cashing stores. The fees for a money order cashing service can vary from venue to venue, so you may be able to save money on this service by calling ahead of time and comparing fees. When you call, be sure to ask if you will need any additional documentation to cash your money order. All venues typically will require at least one form of personal identification, and other venues, such as grocery stores, may require you to open a store account or rewards account in order to cash a money order.



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