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Can You Cook Bacon in a Microwave?


Fortunately, for many people, it is possible to cook bacon in the microwave. When you put something in the microwave, the item is heated by energy in the form of microwaves produced by the appliance, which excite the liquid molecules present within the food producing heat, thus cooking it from within.

This technique also allows food to be simply warmed up in the microwave without any substantial further cooking using smaller time durations. As a result, cooking food in the microwave often tends to severely dry out the food making it tough, dry, and unappetizing in most cases. However, while microwave cooking is frequently frowned upon by many culinary purists for precisely this reason, it is a surprisingly effective method for cooking high fat or high moisture foods, such as bacon. Bacon marketed in North America, particularly in the United States, is after all mostly cuts of meat streaked with generous amounts of fat taken from the belly of the pig, also known as pork belly bacon. This fat quickly liquefies when heated by the microwaves allowing the bacon to be effectively cooked in a way quite similar to frying it in its own grease using a skillet or pan.

How to Prepare Bacon in the Microwave

In most cases, preparation involves placing several strips of raw bacon on a microwave safe dish or plate covered with some microwave safe paper towels or napkins. The strips can be seasoned to taste and then placed in the microwave for at least three minutes at the highest setting to ensure proper cooking. If your microwave does not include a rotating mechanism, it is important to rotate the dish a quarter turn or so every forty five seconds to a minute during the cooking process. The bacon is considered sufficiently cooked once it is reasonably crisp and no longer soggy or limp. Let stand for at least three minutes to finish cooking.

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