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Can You Deposit a Money Order in an ATM?



You CAN deposit a money order in an ATM.

More Info: Most banks will accept a money order deposit through the ATM as long as certain conditions are met.  Banks set their own rules so be sure you check with your bank regarding their procedures.

Money orders have been an acceptable form of guaranteed payment for decades, but it is not a widely used method of payment. If you have received a money order recently as a form of payment for goods or services that you have sold, you may be wondering how you can conveniently deposit that money order into your account. Many consumers enjoy the convenience of depositing personal checks and cash into their account through an ATM, and you may be wondering if a money order can also be deposited through an ATM.

Each Bank Is Different

The fact is that some banks do allow accountholders to deposit money orders into a checking or savings account through their bank’s ATM. If your bank allows it, typically, the money order must be endorsed by you on the back of the document in the same fashion as you would endorse a personal check. Keep in mind that many banks require the recipient’s name listed on the money order to match the name of the account that the money order is being deposited into. You should also be aware that a money order that is not properly filled out or endorsed might be reversed. This means that the funds from the money order deposit that were posted to your account can be reversed.

What to Know

Before you drive to your bank’s ATM to deposit a money order, you should first verify that your bank will accept a money order through an ATM deposit. This can often be done by reviewing the bank’s website for information or by calling the bank’s customer service number. If you have any questions about whether your bank will accept an ATM deposit or whether the money order was filled out correctly, you should consider making a deposit inside your bank with the teller.



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