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Can You Exercise After a Chemical Peel?


You should not exercise directly after a chemical peel.

More Info: A chemical peel is designed to remove layers of skin through the body’s natural peeling process to reveal the fresh skin beneath. Sweating through exercise may cause the skin to peel prematurely leaving you with red, sore areas that have not yet fully healed. [1]

Additional Precautions to Take After a Chemical Peel

Do: Follow your physician’s instructions to the letter. Even if you are not experiencing tightness or discomfort use any ointments prescribed as a precautionary measure.  A chemical peel is a wound to the skin and as such can become infected if not treated properly.

Do: Keep face hydrated. Allowing the face to dry out can pull on the healing tissue and cause redness or irritation.  Keeping the face well hydrated will also keep you more comfortable.

Do Not: Wash face vigorously.  After washing gently, pat dry with a soft, clean towel.

Do: Use sunscreen. Always. The newly exposed skin is more susceptible to sun damage.

Do: Apply cool compresses if you experience any discomfort or pain.  Make sure that all items that touch your face are clean.

Do: Attempt to keep facial expressions to a minimum. The skin should have very little movement during the healing process.

Do Not: Get face too wet in the shower.  When you wash your hair tilt your head backward.

Do Not: Wash face vigorously.  After washing gently, pat dry with a soft, clean towel.

Do Not: Expose treated area to direct sunlight for 4-6 weeks following the surgery.

Do Not: Pick or pull at peeling skin.  Removing skin prematurely may expose areas that are not fully healed and may result in redness or even scarring.



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